Strategic Sourcing

"The right IT resources at the right time" – RightResources4U

Strategic Sourcing is more than just price — it is about tailoring expert service to meet your particular and immediate business needs. More than ever before, businesses need trained, ready-to-go IT consultants and project managers to meet their immediate business objectives. Success depends on having the right people, the right team on hand to get the job done

When it comes to locating and recruiting top talent in the information technology sector, there's no better partner than Vensoft. With multiple years' experience in IT staffing, Vensoft provides highly skilled individuals to implement virtually any IT project. Our approach is to work with you and creatively demonstrate business value.

Our Strategic Sourcing Solution offers :

  • Vensoft's PCS is the perfect answer when you wish to maximize control and manage your own project but need experienced people to follow your lead.
  • Optimize time, scope, and budget with Project Manager Staffing, bringing in professionals with quantifiable track records who are skilled in the science of IT project management.
  • Dedicated client account teams committed to service
  • Market competitive rates
  • Volume discounts at committed spend levels
  • Try & Buy arrangements
  • Mentoring/training of consultants to fit your environment
  • Quick resolution of issues to minimize impact and involvement of client staff.