Products Engineering Overview

Vensoft's Software Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) provides innovative end-to-end PLM services.

Vensoft accelerates the development of software products and reduce their time to market through its top-quality program management, proven processes, methodologies, and tools. Vensoft's Software Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) provides innovative end-to-end PLM services.

Product Engineering Chart

Skilled software product engineers with deep experience and expertise in leading-edge technologies help increase the quality of successful software products. Our strong knowledge base in Product Engineering coupled with high quality software delivery capability, enables us to provide innovative solutions that help our partners reach the customer faster and at lower costs.

Our full lifecycle product engineering offering is end-to-end and PLM services include:

  • Product Architecture , Design, development and implementation services.
  • PLM Road map, Process Study, Package evaluation, End-to-end implementation, Configuration/ Customization, Deployment, Maintenance and Support
  • PLM Enterprise integration and interface development
  • PLM Application Maintenance and support
  • Product Quality Assurance & Performance Tuning
  • Porting, Migration of legacy data and application into a refined PLM environment.
  • Version, technology and package upgrade or migration services.

Our experience and expertise in Product Development bring you a number of advantages. Our value propositions include:

  • Reduced time to market: With extensive capabilities and resources at our disposal, we offer a broad range of product design services at short notice, reducing your time to market.
  • Reduced product cost: Our product design services suit your offshore requirements and make your product economically attractive.
  • Enhanced Innovation: While Vensoft handles a large part of the "well proven" product module, you can keep your resources focused on enhanced high-end innovations.
  • Product Support: We provide ongoing product support by understanding your business focus and aligning your product with customer expectations.
  • Product Quality: Our product design services apply stringent quality control measures, which ensure high levels of quality in all our product designs.
  • Maximum Returns: In bridging the gap between product conceptualization and product development, our product design services offer you an unparalleled advantage in maximizing returns.
  • Flexibility: Our product design services involve low-risk, low management methods, which have the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down the needs of capabilities, capacity and innovation. .

Your benefits when Vensoft works for you:

  • ISO 9001 and SEI CMM Level 3 Managed and SCRUM Software Development Process.
  • State of the art software development center in Glendale, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Bangalore, Hyderabad India.
  • Adoption of proven methodologies to ensure timely delivery of projects.
  • Cost effective dedicated development centers.
  • Flexible delivery models to suit client needs.
  • Promotes partnership approach that leads to long-term relationship with the clients.
  • Provides a vast pool of highly motivated and skilled employees to staff any kind of operation (Onsite/offsite/offshore).
  • Resources that span the entire gamut of technology offerings.
  • Complies with full protection of intellectual property.
  • Ability to ramp up/down team size based on project requirements.
  • Ability to provide 24X7 support for critical applications.
  • Quality assurance done internally (within the project) and externally (by the quality assurance team) governed by our CMM Level 4 procedures.
  • Understands the IT initiatives of the client and will identify areas where we can add value.
  • Jointly prepares overall partnership objective.
  • Framework to define schedules, acceptance criteria, team-structure, client contact, and project and partnership steering committee and risk mitigation strategies.