Outsourcing Services

When your business is running twenty-four seven to come up with innovative means to maximize its potential, outsourcing isn't just an option, it is a necessity. Today, efficient business process outsourcing has become the lever to unload your organization of resource-consuming procedures and controllable costs. All working towards allowing your organization a stronger focus on core business areas.

At Vensoft Inc., we believe in long-term partnerships - but with flexible engagement models. Your optimal model will depend on (a) your business environment and (b) your outsourcing strategy. Questions to ask are:

-  Strategic: What are your strategic objectives? How can you enhance your competitive position? How fast do you need to grow?

-  Financial: What are your strategic objectives? How can you enhance your competitive position? How fast do you need to grow?

-  Strategic: How much can outsourcing save you long-term? What will the initial investment cost? What is your total cost of ownership?

-  Operational: Should you begin with non-core processes? Can you outsource mission-critical processes? Can you improve quality and/or productivity? And do you have the expertise to manage an offshore operation in-house?

-  Risk management: How much control do you want over off shoring? How will customers perceive the shift? How will your brand be affected? What about U.S. regulations? And how do you ensure security of the process?

Vensoft Inc. Partners can help you decide what, when, and how.

Traditional Outsourcing:

The end-to-end business process or sub-process is transitioned to the offshore delivery center by Vensoft Inc.

Vensoft Inc. has full responsibilities for the execution of the process

You monitor processes through metrics review and customized dashboards

This model is optimal for non-core "commodity" business processes

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)

Vensoft Inc. Partners sets up the remote offshore center from initiation through process delivery, using its established relationships and intellectual capital

We recruit staff, acquire and set up facilities, build infrastructure, manage vendors, and deal with regulatory issues

We stabilize the processes and help you master remote, distributed process delivery; after a pre-defined period, ownership and management are transferred to you

The BOT model ensures process integrity and reduces inherent build-out and migration risks; you achieve creation of your captive center

Assisted Build Out

You choose the services with which you need assistance from Vensoft Inc. (e.g., acquisition of facilities, entry into foreign market, build-out of global delivery infrastructure, recruitment and training)

The assisted build-out model is optimal when you need assistance only with certain specific processes or process migration; you achieve creation of your captive center

Joint Venture

You and Vensoft Inc. create a joint venture to service your business

Vensoft Inc. provides off shoring expertise and local knowledge and management of the build-out; you provide knowledge of your existing business processes

The joint venture model leverages your core competency in business process and Vensoft Inc.'s core competency in off shoring. Service center also can potentially deliver service to other entities, yielding additional revenues

There are multiple variations within these basic engagement models. But with each, Vensoft Inc. will ensure that the critical success factors are in place:

Having the right executive buy-in and setting up the relationship management arrangement from day one between key executive decision-makers

Defining the program management structure to ensure clear accountability, communication, and visibility to the right people across multiple geographic locations

Clearly articulating a governance model that includes all necessary constituents in your organization.

Extending your organization, in partnership with Vensoft Inc., to immediately reap cost, speed, quality, and productivity benefits.

Our Offshore outsourcing services:

Application Outsourcing

-  Offshore Application Support

-  Application Maintenance

Vertical Specific Services

-  Mortgage Industry Services

-  Insurance Industry Services

Customer Engagement Services

-  Customer Support

-  Telemarketing

-  Employee IT Help-desk

-  Technical Support

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

-  Market Research & Analysis

-  Business and Investment Research

For more information on how Vensoft Inc. can help you with your outsourcing strategy, please send an email to bpm@vensoft.com, or call us at +1.602.896.2919