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"Paving a path to the future for P&C insurance companies.;

Duck Creek

For today’s insurers, the ability to prepare for the future, whatever it brings, is paramount. The onset and momentum of the digital transformation in nearly every industry was a wakeup call for insurers, highlighting the need for modern, open and customer-centric technologies to support changing customer expectations and a new way of doing business. An insurer’s IT strategy must not only include innovating for digital engagement, but also for data, analytics, and cloud delivery. This means overhauling digital channels and modernizing core business systems to become more prepared for a rapidly changing future business environment.

New technologies are only transformative if they are implemented correctly and optimized in line with carriers’ business goals. To reap the full benefits of such systems, insurers need an integration partner with core systems experience, deep insurance industry know-how, and the digital capabilities to handle every possibility. For P&C carriers that invest in Duck Creek solutions to modernize their core systems, Vensoft® is that partner.


  • Data migration and conversion
  • Reinsurance management
  • Designing workflows and providing relevant permissions to the roles
  • Implementing automated rating engines like GW rating, CGI Ratabase, Phoenix, or Dragon
  • Integrating with upstream and downstream systems
  • Integrating with NCCI and ISO regulatory bureaus
  • Using web services like Paymentus, Geocode, and Experian
  • Adding a new offering or LOB
  • Patches and upgrades


  • We have built a solution accelerator to help customers with adding new lines of business and offerings when required, which will increase the time to market for the customer by approximately 50% and reduce the effort required by over 70%.
  • We have in-house accelerators for policy, claims, and billing, which will help the customers by reducing the time to deploy and upgrading by 50%.
  • We have JVM profilers to monitor the JVM calls to the middle layer and isolate any performance issues.
  • We have readily available integration script accelerators to help connect all the stand-alone systems.
  • We have chatbots for underwriting, claims, and billing and help with digital mobility and reducing the workload by 50%.
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