Global Delivery Services

"Helping Clients Meet Vital Business Needs, Quickly and Affordably"

Companies around the world turn to Vensoft as a strategic outsourcing partner for high-quality software development and support delivered at the lowest costs.

Today, offshore global outsourcing has gained widespread acceptance as a crucial aspect of business strategy. Enabled by the availability of highly-educated, technically-skilled and low-cost talent in India and other emerging economies, the GDS has achieved broad acceptance through its ability to deliver lower costs, higher quality, and productivity.

Offshore outsourcing is at the core of the Global Delivery Service, which refers to the philosophy of:

  • breaking pieces of work into logical components, and
  • distributing these components geo-locationally, to perform them where it creates the maximum value.

Modular Global Sourcing: Next-generation global outsourcing services :

Having realized the short-term benefits of project-oriented offshore global outsourcing, experienced practitioners are looking for ways to extract additional value from global outsourcing initiatives. To achieve this goal, companies are adopting sourcing models that shorten the time required to achieve steady-state operations.

At Vensoft, we split tasks into sub modules that are cohesive internally, but need to interface as little as possible with other modules; this "intelligent work breakdown" is the magic sauce that drives Global Delivery Service (GDS), Different parts of a project (or kinds of work) may be suited to onsite, near-shore or offshore locations.

We consistently deliver on this promise because of our proven onsite/offshore delivery model and deep expertise in Applications. Our Advanced Development Center in Hyderabad, India has been awarded the highest quality achievement levels over the years.

Vensoft's India-based offshore cost effective development centers (CDC) services—coupled with our U.S., centers develop, implement, maintain, support and integrate ERP, e-commerce and mobile commerce applications. We've refined our onsite/offshore model into a series of repeatable, quality-embedded processes that continually enable us to:

  • Reduce development time and costs by 40%-60%
  • Deliver superior quality development and enhancements on schedule
  • Ensure reliable service levels
  • Accommodate requirement changes and manage risks
  • Provide 24x7 seamless access to scalable, dedicated and skilled professionals
  • Meet high and low resource requirements throughout project schedules

Whether you need a partner to help co-develop a product; implement, extend and support existing applications; or create a dedicated offshore center for your own development efforts—you can depend on Vensoft's people, tools and processes to help your company achieve its goals.