Niche Staffing

"The right IT resources at the right time" – RightResources4U

Many IT departments rely on Vensoft's Niche Staffing expertise simply because it is almost impossible to duplicate our hiring processes internally. Vensoft consultants are top-flight experts in their niches and we work hard to maintain their elite status.

Vensoft's recruitment methodology, refined over 30 years of industry experience, assesses consultants for both quantifiable qualifications and intangible qualities such as professional attitude, personal character, and cultural fit.

The quality assurance process does not end once a consultant is hired. We constantly challenge our team to grow their skills with education and training offerings designed to ensure that they keep pace with evolving technology. We employ tools such as Web-based training library, CBTs, VBTs, providing over multiple courses to our consultants nationwide, plus Books 24x7, an online reference of hundreds of digitized technical publications.