Process Models

Vensoft recognizes the need for a strong eVensoft

Vensoft recognizes the need for a strong eVensoft on processes even during the initial stages of the development lifecycle and has put in place robust life cycle processes for development, maintenance, migration and testing. The processes have an inbuilt flexibility to adapt to change.

The standard application development life cycle models used at Vensoft are:

  • V-V model
  • Rational's – Rational Unified Process (CUP)

V-V - Process Model

The V-process life cycle model is used for projects involving application development, re-engineering or major enhancements.

The V Process Model is a superior alternative to the waterfall model, created with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of software development. This model was defined to address the drawback of the traditional waterfall model, which considered testing a single phase to be taken up after most of the mainline development activities are completed. The V Process Model integrates Verification and Validation activities throughout the software lifecycle. These Verification and Validation activities help in discovery and correction of defects in an application and in assessing if the application is ready for operational use.

Rational Unified Process

RUP methodology makes use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) throughout the analysis and design process. Starting early 2000, Vensoft has used UML and Rational tools in many projects executed for global clients. Starting with an initial focus on class models in early 2000, Vensoft's usage of UML has now matured to cover various aspects of business analysis and solution design.

At Vensoft, RUP is tailored to support and has activities, artifacts, standards, guidelines, and checklists that are specific to the way Vensoft executes projects.

RUP encompasses the following best practices for complex applications:

  • -   Iterative Development
  • -   Well-Managed Requirements
  • -   Visual Modeling
  • -   Continuous Quality Verification