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We provide timely and cost-effective immigration services to Vensoft

The Vensoft Immigration Department serves two primary functions within the Company. We provide timely and cost-effective immigration services to Vensoft and its employees and we ensure that the Company operates at all times in compliance with the U.S. laws and regulations that govern the immigration process.

Information Needed for an H-1B:

The link below is the checklist for the information and documentation that will be needed to process your H-1B Visa. Please complete the Biographic Section and print the entire form. You need to fill in the information, send the signed form along with the requested documents, via express courier to Vensoft corporate office in Glendale, AZ with attn: Immigration – H1B.

H-1B Information Checklist

Information needed for TN Visa:

Only citizens of Canada and Mexico are eligible under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to qualify for TN status. To qualify, the applicant must be coming to the United States to perform services at a professional level in one of the occupations that are designated under NAFTA.

In the computer field, the occupations that may qualify include Computer Systems Analyst, Management Consultant, Scientific Technician/Technologist and Software Engineer. TN status is granted for a period of up to 1 year with unlimited extensions of stay in increments of 1 year thereafter. TN status is employer-specific.

Canadians may be admitted to the United States under TN status without first obtaining a TN Visa at a U.S. Consulate. Canadians may apply for TN status at an appropriate port of entry, or for a Canadian lawfully present in the United States, a US employer may file a petition with the INS to extend TN status or to change the individual's status to TN.

For Mexican citizens, petitions for TN status must be filed by the US employer with the INS. If outside of the United States, Mexicans must also apply for a TN Visa at a US Consulate before entering the United States.

The general requirements for the two widely used occupations in the computer field are as follows:

Information Needed for TN Processing (Canadians only)

Disclaimer : The information contained on this site does not constitute legal advice and is intended only for the purposes of providing Vensoft employees and prospective employees with a general overview of the immigration process. It is also intended to facilitate the immigration process by allowing employees and prospective employees to submit the information that is necessary to complete various immigration-related applications and petitions. It is not intended for use by the general public.

Any immigration matters that directly involve Vensoft should be referred to the Vensoft Immigration Department. Readers are cautioned not to attempt to solve personal immigration problems on the basis of information contained on this site and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel when confronted with an issue relating to the immigration process.