Reliability Engineering

Vensoft®'s Reliability engineering service provides clients with the highest level of flexibility.

Vensoft®'s Reliability Engineering - BTO solutions help you govern and manage IT and optimize application quality, performance, availability and and optimize enterprise application environments like J2EE, .NET, Web Services, eBusiness and ERP/CRM.

Vensoft®'s Reliability engineering service provides clients with the highest level of flexibility. So whether you're formulating your testing strategy, working on a new application, or enhancing an existing application, Vensoft®'s Testing Service can be customized to best meet your business needs. Our three most popular offerings are:

Architecture and Implementation

For clients that want to maximize the benefits of testing, Vensoft® takes over responsibility for one or more testing functions that can be shared across a department or an entire company. At this level, Vensoft® implements its lifecycle approach – ensuring that testing begins at the start of the development process and becomes an integral activity as development progresses – to prevent defects from happening. Deliverables include:

  • Testing strategy – defines overall approach for testing and quality assurance (QA)
  • Risk-based testing analysis – determines optimal type and level of testing
  • Integrated test plan – defines schedule, effort, and resources required for each type of testing
  • Validation of software requirements – ensures inputs to the testing process are complete and correct

Definition and Execution

For clients that need to enhance applications in response to changing business or industry requirements, Vensoft® takes responsibility for creating and executing the test plan – reducing business risks and instituting efficiencies over time.

Execution and Support

For clients with a defined test plan, Vensoft® will execute that plan, providing services such as independent validation of third-party development, performance testing of a new software package, or user acceptance testing of a new application. By working with Vensoft® for execution and support, clients reduce cycle times and increase speed-to-market.

Our Testing Service is backed by two core capabilities:

  • A Program Management Office (PMO) that provides oversight for delivery
  • Our Global Testing Infrastructure – which combines proven processes, in-depth expertise, tool vendor relationships, and global delivery capabilities.