Enterprise Application Integration - EAI

"Disparate applications. Disparate platforms. Disparate data. To run a more agile enterprise, you need to find a better way to connect people, processes, applications, and information within your organization"

Our EAI services can help clients become on demand businesses by integrating their business processes end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers to enable them to respond with speed to customer demands, market opportunities or external threats. Our services include: integration business case and ROI, integration readiness and strategy, integration architecture, integration solution implementation and business process integration and automation.

For EAI ( Enterprise Application Integration ) services our Business Solution Architecture team leverages our technical competencies in various EAI tools like IBM WebSphere Business Integrator, MQ Integrator, TIBCO, Microsoft BizTalk, WebMethods, SeeBeyond e-Gate etc. to derive significant business benefits for our customers. The team ensures optimal utilization of latest technologies like web services for implementing EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) projects, thus providing our customers with the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Service offerings:

  • Application Integration
  • System Integration
  • Web Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Integration with existing legacy applications
  • Process Integration
  • Business Integration

Our practice areas:

  • WebSphere Business Integration Practice
  • WebMethods
  • Vitria
  • See Beyond
  • Tibco

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Portfolio:

Vensoft® along with IBM offers an integrated portfolio of offerings supported by a standards based service oriented infrastructure. The IBM WebSphere portfolio, augmented with key offerings from other IBM software brands, provides a complete range of integration solutions to move you closer to on demand, regardless of your size, industry, or integration challenge.

Process Integration : Products Expertise :

  • WebSphere Business Integration Modeler
    Design, simulate and plan business processes
  • WebSphere Business Integration Server
    Provides an integration solution for process integration, workforce management, and enterprise application connectivity
  • WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation
    Provides a next-generation application server that simplifies build-to-integrate tasks, accelerates application development, and enables dynamic application flexibility
  • WebSphere Business Integration Monitor
    Optimize performance against business measures
  • WebSphere Business Integration Connect
    Enables operational B2B based on communities of trading partners
  • Business Performance Management
    Provides visibility into your entire organization, delivering coordinated decision-making capability to the desktop

IBM Application Integration Portfolio:

  • WebSphere MQ
    Enable application integration by helping business applications to exchange information across different platforms, sending and receiving data as messages
  • WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker
    Enable application integration by helping business applications to exchange information across different platforms, sending and receiving data as messages
  • WebSphere Business Integration Event Broker
    Build an integrated, flexible, extensible, and secure infrastructure 
  • WebSphere Business Integration Connect
    Extend integration functionality across and beyond the firewall to partners, suppliers, and customers 

IBM's Information Integration Products Expertise we have:

  • WebSphere Information Integrator (Formerly known as DB2 II)
    Provides the foundation for a strategic information integration framework that helps customers speed time to market for new applications, get more value and insight from existing assets, and control IT costs.
  • WebSphere II Replication for z/OS
    WebSphere II Classic Federation for z/OS® provides direct, real-time SQL access to mainframe databases and files without mainframe programming.
  • DB2 DataPropagator
    DB2® DataPropagator leverages the SQL replication architecture to flexibly manage scheduling, transformation, and distribution topologies.
  • WebSphere Information Integrator Classic Event Publisher
    Classic Event Publisher captures changes made to mainframe databases or files and publishes these changes to WebSphere® MQ.
  • WebSphere Information Integrator Event Publisher for DB2 Universal Database for z/OS WebSphere® Information Integrator (WebSphere II) Event Publisher for DB2® Universal Database (UDB) for z/OS® V8.2 captures changes made in DB2 UDB for z/OS and publishes these changes to WebSphere MQ.